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Overall design, Installation, Coordination and maintenance are required to get optimum performance and energy- efficient air balance from the system. Our Kitchen Exhaust System is technically designed for commercial kitchen, Industries etc. this benefits the works, so they can get right to work and not have to worry about miscellaneous tasks you can come to expect us to perform the smoke and oil is exhausted by this system living your kitchen absolutely clean & tidy.

Exhaust System

Exhaust System

Exhaust System

Product Detail

The science of commercial kitchen exhaust system is ventilation including air as proving replacement air within the cooking area. Whether a restaurant is a small free standing site a large institutional kitchen. As they require moving large volumes of air though ductwork and equipment placement in every restricted spaces.

Different parts of Kitchen Exhaust System

• Centrifugal Fan (Blower)
• Exhaust Ducts (G.I./S.S./Alu.)
• Exhaust Hood (G.me./S.S./Alu.)
• Oil Filter (G.I./S.S./Alu.)

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